I’m Bhupinder Singh Bargari and today whatever I have achieved in my life is just because of my father Sukhdev Singh Bargari. I’m not a farmer, neither my father was. Many years back my father entered the food processing industry and started jaggery processing business on a small level. He used traditional manual jaggery extraction method, but slowly he mechanized his method and people started liking our produced jaggery.

People started giving their own produced sugarcane to make jaggery from it and slowly my father made his own market base. After some time, this is the matter of 2011, when my sister was getting married, my father especially prepared a sweet made up of desi ghee, dry fruits and jaggery, which he distributed with wedding invitation card to all the relatives, friends and villagers. Everyone liked it very much and demand of dry fruit jaggery increased. At that time, I decided to enter my father’s business and help him. Since that time we are preparing two types of jaggery- one simple one and other with desi ghee and dry fruit.

To increase the jaggery production, I formed a group of farmers and motivated them to grow sugarcane for them. This initiative helped me earn good profit as well as to the farmers. Farmers grew only sugarcane according to the need and earned good money from their produce.

The thing which makes our Bargari Gur of the best quality in the traditional method of cleaning the sugarcane juice. Even today also demand of our jaggery never goes down. Even the doctors also suggest their patients to eat Bargari Gur for better digestion. Our processed jaggery is best in the market with no additive color and chemicals.

We have two processing plant- one for cereal processing and other for jaggery processing. Apart from managing my father’s business, I’m also a teacher. After getting free from my teaching profession I come back to my manufacturing & processing unit to supervise the work. I always maintain contact with the food technology and food processing and engineering departments of Agricultural University to bring positive changes in my business.

I also participated in PAU event held in March, to enlighten the farmers with the marketing knowledge for their betterment. I also have an FB page by the name “Bargari Gur” through this page I interact with my ideal customers.

I want farmers to start processing their raw produce, because food processing is the future demand. I always try to impart knowledge related to food processing and other necessary information, whenever I get time and I will continue doing it.

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Farmer Message

I want farmers to get involved in food processing business along with farming. In this way, they can make a good profit out of their occupation. Today, farmers need to be updated with the modern agricultural practices only then they can move ahead and do well in their fields.

Awards & Achievements

• State Award for Crop Diversification and Best Quality Gur.
• Received 4 times First Position in Crop Competition PAU.


Address: Bargari Gur, Opposite of Grain Market, KKP Road, Bargari, Faridkot, Punjab.
Phone: +91 94634 00098